Gazie Nagle Photography



Born in the midwest, Gazie and her husband have been living in the
Southeast since 1993. Without a formal art education, she says the
gift of creativity was inherited through her talented parents.
Years of drawing, painting, and developing a good eye for photography,
has strenthened through listening and observing others, research,
critiqued by experts, and repeat practice.
Gazie's interest in digital photography began in early 2004
after persuading historic house management to allow her to
photograph and sell prints to house guests.
Since moving on she has directed her photography
interests toward less traveled roads. Finding new subjects
and creating artistic presentations are key to the challenge.
Favorite scenes are historic landscapes, maritime, and animals,
The Lowcountry area is a blank canvas waiting to be
painted and photographed.
Gazie has been honored with several photography awards. This keeps
her creative imagination active while continuing to improve herself.
Commissions are accepted.

Artist's Statement

Photography extends beyond the equipment. Shooting starts with a
plan, what happens from that point is up to the individual shooter.
I try to make each photograph's story speak to the audience.
It is important to make the viewer pause and contemplate
what the story might be - whether it belongs to me
or one that someone else imagines.
Photography captures the present which ultimately becomes
the past. When I photograph something historic it
warrants the best representation for future reference.
I am most comfortable being outdoors surrounded by nature.
It's a place where I am alone yet I don't feel alone. It's my own
little plot of earth where senses become acute and life calms.
A favorite classroom where no rules need be obeyed.
Doing what I enjoy keeps my passion strong. When passion
shows in your work, others will recognize.